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Preventive Cardiology Specialist

Children's Cardiology Group

Pediatric Cardiologists located in Orange, CA & Mission Viejo, CA

Early detection, prevention, and treatment of heart problems can help preserve your child’s long-term heart health. At Children’s Cardiology Group in Orange, Newport Beach and Mission Viejo, California, the team of expert cardiologists provides their expertise when your child is at risk of a heart complication. Call today or book online if your child needs intervention to prevent cardiac complications.

Preventive Cardiology Q & A

What is preventive cardiology?

Adults at risk for heart problems often have abnormal cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. These medical conditions are not isolated to adults; children can experience them too. Improving cholesterol and blood pressure helps to reduce the risk of heart disease later in life.

At Children’s Cardiology Group, the team has extensive experience in evaluating and treating heart disease risk factors in children. They provide early detection, prevention, and intervention with diligent clinical follow-up and expert clinical knowledge.

State-of-the-art technology provides for screenings and early diagnosis before serious complications arise.

The goal of preventive pediatric cardiology is to prevent heart attack, stroke, and other serious cardiac events later in life. The team wants nothing more than to increase a child’s future quality of life.

What is involved in preventive cardiology?

The providers at Children’s Cardiology Group are experts in heart disease prevention. They also collaborate with dietary specialists who are experienced in managing high cholesterol and obesity in children.

What does a preventive cardiology plan look like?

The doctors provide a thorough health evaluation of your child and use the information gathered to develop a personalized and comprehensive treatment approach.

For some children, heart-healthy eating and exercise recommendations are made to help lower blood pressure or cholesterol, and promote weight loss, all of which can decrease heart disease risk — even at a young age.

Some children need cardiology intervention that involves lifestyle behaviors and medication. The office of Children’s Cardiology Group offers routine monitoring of cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood pressure, and other health markers when necessary

Some children may have other conditions, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or liver disease, that can further increase their risk. The team at Children’s Cardiology Group works with other providers caring for your child to develop a comprehensive plan.

The team offers strategies that have helped other patients and families follow a heart-healthy lifestyle.

If your child is at risk of cardiovascular disease, call Children’s Cardiology Group to set up a consultation. Alternatively, use this website to schedule and help your child live the healthiest life possible.

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